Monday, January 30, 2012

Prelude to 27: Thanksgiving

Arriving home is always a nice feeling. Arriving home to friends and family is even better.
Me and my brother and my suddenly camera-shy cousin
But before I go to grandma's house, I need to cook cakeballs. Quick: Assemble a cakeball making team of wonderful people ASAP!!!
red velvet cake with creme frosting, white chocolate coating, chocolate sprinkle: if sugar can kill, were dying tonite

gloves? really? people cook with gloves or mitts?

Coolest crew ever!
Oh, wait, I need to jump in a picture and pretend to be cooking as well

Okay, cool. Cakeballs made. Let's go to grandma's!
The Granddaughters

this is my absolute fav picture of Dante. Too bad I know what he's laughing at, tho

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