Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sunday, May 20, 2012

small one

Hooray! Great news! My brother's baby was delivered, safe and sound! Her name is Gabrielle Mariah

Isn't she cute? She's my first niece

So precious. I think I'll use the caption my brother wrote for this photo
The real  "sleeping beauty"  

Congrats to my brother. Thank God that mother and child are both in great health.
Thank God for the safe delivery. I can't wait to see her or my brother again... in a while, of course. In a while

Sunday, April 29, 2012

This Is Life

The crowd roars around me; they are loud and filled with drunken laughter. Their clamor even dares to rival the music that blasts around us, with more than enough to bass to literally cause the ground to shake. I'm invisible to them, tough, as I sit here enjoying the night sky. Every once in a while I feel a little bit lonely, but sitting here alone right now is not one those times. This solitude, like viewing the night sky from this (or any) land, is welcomed.

"They" say a picture is worth a thousand words. Please enjoy my 5,000 word essay on my recent weeks past below. 

fellow sailor and I cruising 

there's a falcon on my arm

us not pointing our weapons at other country's tanks
this probably shouldn't have made it in the album but it's the world largest mall and honestly the part horse part fish i thought was pretty cool

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


There’s a reason why every post I post is fairly dated. But currently, I would like to say farewell. And since I can’t really for the current reason, I’ll refer to another farewell.

Farewells. Nah, they’re see you laters!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Prelude to 27: Thanksgiving

Arriving home is always a nice feeling. Arriving home to friends and family is even better.
Me and my brother and my suddenly camera-shy cousin
But before I go to grandma's house, I need to cook cakeballs. Quick: Assemble a cakeball making team of wonderful people ASAP!!!
red velvet cake with creme frosting, white chocolate coating, chocolate sprinkle: if sugar can kill, were dying tonite

gloves? really? people cook with gloves or mitts?

Coolest crew ever!
Oh, wait, I need to jump in a picture and pretend to be cooking as well

Okay, cool. Cakeballs made. Let's go to grandma's!
The Granddaughters

this is my absolute fav picture of Dante. Too bad I know what he's laughing at, tho

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Prelude to 27: Part 3

Thanksgiving's Eve 11

Driving 7 hours to Aletheia Springs without checking on the amount of my anti-freeze proved to be folly. That was an interesting start to an all too short day, to say the least. Car problem notwithstanding ( or is it "withstanding"...never did understand that word), we ventured to the Mitchel's house. (Fantastic people live in that place.)  So, we got there, and it's Colt's Birthday, that was a great time to be there. We talked, laughed, play a few rounds of Clue and eat some freshly popped popcorn from one of those theater-type kettle machines things. But good times go by fast, and so I headed home

The birthday boy and his newly acquired weapon of no destruction

Clue! Who's taking the picture? It is the birthday boy? On his birthday? excluded from the game?

Strider and I. Or, at least I think that's Strider. Can't see without my glasses....where are they?