Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A little taste - Part 1

The statement "Everyone dies" is not commonly contested nor is it often considered a great revelation. What happens after death, however, is highly contested. Interestingly, what a person believes occurs after their passing seems to greatly effect their life.
So how are we to be sure what happens after death? "Take it by faith" is said, but, honestly, we would all like some proof. We would almost give our lives from a little taste of the after life.
What if it's nothing? Not darkness, because that we've realize as darkness, but truly nothing. No more thoughts and the inability to comprehend that you're thinking no more thoughts.  You've never again remember scent of your husband's aftershave, or your daughter's smile or the taste of blackberry jam. You also won't remember the time your cheated on your wife, hearing the news that your son was killed in war or being evicted after losing your job. Truly, no rewards or consequences. We couldn't even care about your legacy we leave behind. All life is gone in a flash. Everything utterly meaningless.

And who's to really say that isn't true? Just because we don't want to believe, that doesn't make it so.

In that same manner, what if there's an afterlife? Heaven, hell, reincarnation or something else. Obviously, this is more the worrisome of the options. While no afterlife can be a depressing notion, it is simple and not too frightful. But the concept that you can end up in hell from making a wrong choice or no choice at all is beyond scary.

SO before our hearts cease beating it would behove us to know to the best of our ability what happens next.

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